Sunday, August 31, 2008

BeSt BuDs!

This is what Jaytee loves to do the best. I wonder were he get's it. Hopefully he won't crash as many times that I have. As long as he has his best bud with him everything will be A okay.

Baby is just about here!

Well the time is almost here..... Feb. 25 at 7 am is the day and the time we have scheduled. unless she wants to come any earlier. That would be okay with me. I think am ready. Maybe just a little bit. It is still to crazy. (It's a GIRL!) And I am a pain in the butt, just ask anyone. So there is only a little hope for her. Rylee Joy, maybe she will take after my mom, that would be okay. She has her name.

I am getting is done

Hi everyone! It is about time, you all didn't push hard enough for me to get going. You need to push a little harder. I am a little bit slow. I think I am getting a little bit better, I will know when me brother John see's this, he is a pro, just ask him.